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5 Ways Environmentalism is Changing

Par BF Nagy

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1. Momentum is the goal

We’re winning. Bad news makes the front page, but despite fossils like Trump getting coverage, the vast majority of country and city governments, the biggest corporations and billionaires, banks, insurers, investors, global institutions, and ordinary citizens of our planet are ready for change. Our goal now is momentum building. Tipping points. Sharing successes. Everybody get on board.

2. Solutions are the topic

Our message has to become more focused. Using a massive wave of lobbying and obfuscation, the carbon establishment has succeeded in sowing confusion. We’re ending confusion. We’re talking about solutions. Less climate debate. Less talk about the problem. Solutions. Measured results.

3. Priorities are the strategy

We’re out of time so it won’t be perfect, but winning is possible if we focus first on making the most impact:

  • Buildings
  • Vehicles
  • Power plants

Carbon and methane in the air are the top priority, closely followed by water, then everything else. The three areas above create 70% of the carbon and methane.

4. Simplicity is the message style

Simple. Understandable. Solutions. Photos. Simple media-friendly charts.

5. Punishing polluters is overdue

The debate is over. Stop subsidizing polluters. Tax polluters. Fine polluters. Regulate polluters. Ban pollution products. Sue polluters. It’s a civil matter. It’s not complicated. They’re destroying our home. Some people only understand issues in terms of money and regulations. Fine. Let’s deal in money and regulations.

Would you add something to this list?

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